Thursday, February 26, 2009

2+2=5 Radiohead T-shirt

Most of you may know what this is, but lot of people don't. It's Radiohead t-shirt an English alternative rock ban from Abingdon, Oxfordshire. They recently toured North America, Europe and Japan in 2008 to promote In Rainbows. They also discussed recording new songs once the tour was finished. In March 2009, Radiohead will play concert in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil with Kraftwerk, the band's first ever tour of South America and their first dates in Mexico in 15 Years.

This is from Radiohead 2+2=5 song it's actually an idea created by Dostoyevsky. I believe radiohead like their lyrics to not have an explicit meaning, and this makes a whole bunch of interpretations more or less plausible. I don't believe any interpretation is "THE correct interpretation", but thinking about this makes us reflect, and that is a good thing. maybe that's what dostoevsky and orwell wanted us to do as well? Wear this t-shirt by picking it out of a drawer from many choices of other black shirt. That's how we do it. This T-shirt tell everyone "when life gives you lemons, go buy a few oranges, and throw them in at random. You'll be out of fruit before noon."

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