Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Baseball Mom T-shirt

It's tough being a baseball mom. It's all about being outdoors and playing a game and having fun with other kids. So a few months out of the year you should feel good as a family wearing a baseball mom t-shirt, and it feels good.

Shared adversity brings you close to the other parents, sitting through the scorching heat and the freezing cold for hours. You don't have to actually watch the entire game, you can talk or zone out if you've had a hard day, then cheer like you were paying attention if someone makes a good play. Of course if it's your own kid's homer you missed, you feel guilty. At least you'll have a shirt to show that you care. But really, joing a religious cult is less time-consuming then going to not one but two games a week (long games, need I say more?). However you want to show your love for your kids, this baseball mom t-shirt will promote and confirm through their eyes that you care.

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