Saturday, February 28, 2009

Basketball Dad t-shirt

Well this t-shirt says it all. You're all dad and you also love to play basketball. Your goals is to play better then other Dad, also cheer better then othe dad. If you also play basketball then that's even better you can give it everything you got until you make one basket. Then you can relax, because your shirt says so. Ther perceived difference between the Dad who scores no basket and the Dad who scores even one is huge. Well, to you, anyways. The kids probably wonder how you made that one basket anyway.

Where this shirt to the game, while you play a game, or to any basketball event. You can also walk around with this t-shirt that just show how you love to be both a dad and a baskeball fan. This shirt tells the world you are a dad and you are a big basketball fan, hope you grab one and enjoy the look people give you.

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