Friday, February 13, 2009

Damn It's Freezing In Here T-shirt

I often see ladies nipping when it's cold outside, but they say nothing. So, I figured this tshirt will say it for them. Some people keep themselves warm and comfortable from the nipping cold by lighting up the wooden logs in the fireplaces. But you see this is only temporarily because once you leave the fireplace and walk around you'll be cold again.

So, why do we say "it is nippy outside" when it is cold? I think it comes from nip-bite or sharp, like bitingly cold. Or if you saw my better half in a cold breeze you would have your answer But the official definition is if there is a nip in the air, the air outside is quite cold. You can tell winter's on its way there's a real nip in the air in the morning. Something like that or you can just grab this tshirt and show the world what you mean...

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