Friday, February 20, 2009

Dinosaurs are people too!

My son loves dinosaurs and this tshirt is his favorite. He saw it and the expression on his face was priceless. Children are fasinated by dinosaurs and this tshirt will let them show everyone just how much. There are many movies about dinosaurs maybe that's how kids get hooked. Not only it is in the movies they are also shows on National geographics channels. Other dino films like "jurassic Park" wasn't the first movie aout dinosuars, however. 'One Millon Years BC', made as early as 1940 in Hollywood, showed papier mache dinosaurs!Similarly, 'Dinosaurs' is not Disney's first film about the creatures. Its 'Baby…Secret of the Lost Legend', was a film made in 1985 about the discovery of a baby dinosaur. Spielberg reworked the theme and made the dinosaur theme a big hit.

This shir is good to wear to school, family gathering, park, playground and many other places like shopping. This tshirt tells everyone your kids love dinosaurs and his toys consists of dinosaurs collections. Grab this tshirt for your toddler and have them wear it tell their heart content.

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