Monday, February 23, 2009

I Love Green Beer T-Shirt

Go ahead and enjoy a brewskie that's been dyed green for St. Patrick's Day. I remembered my early years when I used to grab a budlight pour it into a clear plastic cup add a couples of drops of green dye whola! you got yourself some green beer! Now you can tell everyone you love green beer because you have on this awesome t-shirt or maybe you do love green beers. There are many places to go and drink some green beers, listen to an array of tunes and do it in a place where you can be totally hammered without shame. Irish bar of course, you pick we'll go they usually welcome the Irish in all of us with open arms. Oh and don't forget your green I love Green Beers T-shirt.

Wear this t-shirt to show the rest of us that you won't be caught dead wearing a Easter t-shirt just yet. This shirt tells everyone you are Irish and you love green beer. Heck you don't have to look Irish just wear the damn shirt and you're in drink all the green beer you can and you'll feels like an Irish leprechaun all green. LOL..

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