Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Dad 2009

This shirt helps you show the world that being a first time dad you are sharing the experiences of dealing with the joys and challenges of having a new baby. Like most men, you may have done crazy stunts before becoming a dad, but nothing has tested your manhood as much as becoming a dad. So show it on your shirt announced the first step as being a proud dad.

As men, at some point in our lives, we want to know what we are made of. As a father, you will get your chance to find out. Welcome to serious manhood. The truth measure of a man is how well he performs as a father, and ultimately, we measure ourselves in terms of our effort. Faterhood is indeed an awesome responsibility, and presents each of us, no matter our size, age, education or income, a unique opportunity to be a hero to somone we love. A dad is the untimate rite of manhood for those who step up to the challenge. It is an individual event - we are not part of a team in which commitment and solidarity with our buddies is a driving force. Whether we succeed or fail is entirely up to us. Wear this new Dad 09 t-shirt and it clearly show that it takes a man to raise a child.

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