Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Worry Beef Curry, does anybody know what it means?

So you want to know what does "No Worry Beef Curry" mean? Well, that's a good questions because I've seen it on TV show once and it probably because it rhymes and doesn't have an actual meaing. Other way of thinking about it is another sayings like "Worry free, chickadee" that would also rhyme, but if you take them literally it makes no sense. People just like to be cute by making things rhyme.

Come to think of it this can also be another version of "don't worry be happy". Because if you think about it "Beef curry" sounds a lot like "Be happy", so that's where it may have originated from. I also saw the phrase from John and Kate Plus 8. So there you go, check out the website here at Zazzle where I also sell the No Worry Beef Curry T-shirt as seen on the TV show.

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