Sunday, February 15, 2009

T.B.A. Today's Best Apparel on Zazzle Yea!!

What a surprise it was for me, my product made it to Today's Best category on Zazzle homepage! You may of seen this piece on a tshirt, but I also put it on this gree hat. Got a couple of complement from a couple of zazzle fan, fat fa tin said "congrats on your TBA! cheers :)" and gravitx9 siad "Congrats on T.B.A.! well deserved for this cute st. patricks day design! 5+" This is exactly the kind of recoginition I am looking for. There were at least 3x many people visit my home page then before. So this is extremely benifitial in term of getting people to come to your site and look around. I will definitely look forward to come up with some more ideas. Keep looking and come back often to the Ottster T-Shirt Design.

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