Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who let the dog out?

Who let this dog out, actually this t-shirt is of a puppy blown up so large that it doesn't look like a puppy. It's pretty cute if you ask me. Speaking of cute you either love it or hate it but did you know the world's ugliest dog has died? Gus was his name you probably seen it in your email box that he won the "World's Ugliest Dog Contest" that was held in California in June of 2008. Apparently he fell victim to the terminal canine illness and died on November 10th, 2008. Well let's shift our focus to the opposite to ugly and look at this cute canine. Should you own one of this breeds you may want to check google and see if this is one of the top 10 dog breeds.

Well you ask where would I wear this shirt to? If you love dogs and have a pet then this shirt is for you, you can wear this shirt when taking your dog on a walk, to pet smart or go shopping. Also dog enthusiast love to show off their dog and the design convey that message. This t-shirt tells the world that you have a pet at home and welcome dogs. Grab one and who knows maybe you also have a companion that you can wear on as well.

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