Monday, March 2, 2009

Live Green Tshirt

It pays to live green, especially when buying local produce. You can actually talk to the farmer that grew the food you are buying. You can ask them the types of farming methods they use and if pesticides are used. My rule of thumb when it comes to buying produce is to buy them locally while it is in season and get any reminding produce they don't carry (like bananas) at the grocery store. Also, don't buy too much produce just because it looks fresh. I have done this in the past and I regret it every time. I now buy frozen mix vegatibles and it's ready to microwave and steam right in the bags. The next time you go to a local fresh market wear this shirt and tell them you live green.

There are lots of way to live green they includes renewable energy technology, recycle, to cutting back fast food for greener lifestyle. Where this tshirt if you're going shopping or helping out the community. Sometime you just feel green or perhaps you want to show the world you are responsible. This shirt tells the world you want everyone to see you are the responsible one and that people should see you as an example and look up to you. Great t-shirt to announce you're living green.

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