Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pine Fresh T-shirt

Who said you can't smell like a fresh pine wearing t-shirt. With their evergreen needles and characteristic cones, conifers can seem all the same. But actually, they’re as different from one another as their broadleaf cousins. In Pacific Northwest forests, native varieties of fir, hemlock, pine and cedar are among those you’ll most likely see.

Pines can be identified by their needles, which grow in bundles of two, three or five. In the Pacific Northwest, the related Lodgepole and Shore Pines are found west of the Cascade Range. Both have short needles in bundles of two. But their appearance is different. Lodgepole Pines live inland where they grow tall and straight. Shore Pines live on the coast where they withstand the ocean winds with a shorter stance, an often contorted shape, and branching crowns. On the drier eastern side of the Cascades, Ponderosa Pines are distinctive for their long needles (up to 10 inches) in bundles of three. Their cones are also large, reaching six inches.

Ok enough about the facts, wear this t-shirt when you're drinking damned fine coffee and eating damned good cherry pie in the cabin. Also try not to swear so much please. kids read this page. This shirt tell everyone they shipped it to you if you live in the woods.

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