Monday, April 27, 2009

Invite us to your next blowout! T-shirt

We'be been thinking about your last party, it was fun? Was it a blowout? Many people have seen this sign at a tire shop or a towing company. But what if you wear the solgan on your t-shirt how will people react to your shirt? This will make a good party shirt or promoting a party.

Wear this shirt when you're out for the evening or hanging out at the pub. It would make a good conversation starter. This t-shirt tell everyone you have a sense of humor and that you like to party!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gaming Power Button t-shirt

Are you a gamer or know someone who is a gamer type? For those who said they are a gamer type you might be a game addict, that's because once you start playing, you can't put it down. If you ever want to get rid of the habit and stop your additions say no more, you can still wear this T-shirt around showing you're a true gamer. Sometime you have a certain of games that kept going in your mind, but at least you took the first step of trying to quit by reminding yourself with this T-shirt. So, perhaps it would take quite a while for you to quit it cold turkey. ;-)

Wear this t-shirt when you decided to go outside and enjoy the weather and be social, while keeping the thought of game display on your shirt. Or simply show them that all they have to do is press the Power Button on your t-shirt if you get dreamy about the game to turn you off. This t-shirt tell everyone you want to be able to get turn on and turn off with a push of the button. Enjoy hope it works for you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chick T-shirt

Chick T-shirt! A special design for the "female persuasion" even though it could be Easter holiday t-shirt that we know you will love! Funny Chicks T-shirt is what we like to share. If you would like to select from various styles, colors and sizes you can do it before you buy.

Who is the hip chick? Why you of course! And at Ottsterdesign we know just what it takes. Wear this shirt to any social gathering birthday, parks, evening out or any public social place. This shirt tells everyone that you like to be hip and everyone can see it on your t-shirt. Also makes a good conversational starter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wildcats T-shirt

In its native environment, the Wildcat is adaptable to a variety of habitat types: savanna, open forest, and steppe. The Wildcat is extremely timid. It avoids approaching human settlements. It lives solitary and holds it's own territory. In short, wildcats are used in many sports name. From elementary school to colleges and professional sporting name. The name is very versatile and may have color scheme tag along with it.

Wear this t-shirt if you a cat lover, student, attend a wildcats sporting events, or just want to show your spirit. This t-shirt tells everyone you are wildcat at heart and wants to be seen and noticed.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chill T-shirt

When it gets very cold, penguins can puff their feathers out to trap more air for even better insulation. In this case a scarf will do. Penguins and other animals are well-adapted to cold water and icy environments. A hilarious parody here is the penguin wearing the scarf. Remember Chilly Willy cartoon? It reminds me from my childhood. As he tries everything to keep warm while the temperature drops. Chilly Willy, the penguin with the cute face. Who can forget this cute little guy?

Wear this t-shirt to just about any place in public. You will have lots of comments and recognition. This t-shirt tells the world you are a Chill Willy fan and you think the Arctic penguin is cute. Or perhaps you want to let people know that they all just need to chill!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"The Obama's Design" where you can personalized your own.

Well today was great! One of our design was voted today's best awards showcase by zazzle. The honor was all our to enjoy. Click here or above to see full line of artistic simplifies category we've created. It's got the look and feel of Obama's Hope, Change, Progress campaign. The red white and blue patriotic palette was employs to utilize the colors. Using beige for white, a pastel blue, and lots of red. Red? "People are freaked by red," perhaps flashing on socialist constructivist propaganda? Let's not let the Soviets steal our red. Red is a good primary color. Lettering position at the bottom is exchangeable, depending on the graphic place the text will be use to identify the art.

So, take some time and enjoy this collection and see what you think, I will find more as this is not all that there are. If you have a personalized idea let me know and I can definitely add your portraits to the art and even put your name on the bottom lettering. Thanks.