Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chill T-shirt

When it gets very cold, penguins can puff their feathers out to trap more air for even better insulation. In this case a scarf will do. Penguins and other animals are well-adapted to cold water and icy environments. A hilarious parody here is the penguin wearing the scarf. Remember Chilly Willy cartoon? It reminds me from my childhood. As he tries everything to keep warm while the temperature drops. Chilly Willy, the penguin with the cute face. Who can forget this cute little guy?

Wear this t-shirt to just about any place in public. You will have lots of comments and recognition. This t-shirt tells the world you are a Chill Willy fan and you think the Arctic penguin is cute. Or perhaps you want to let people know that they all just need to chill!

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