Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"The Obama's Design" where you can personalized your own.

Well today was great! One of our design was voted today's best awards showcase by zazzle. The honor was all our to enjoy. Click here or above to see full line of artistic simplifies category we've created. It's got the look and feel of Obama's Hope, Change, Progress campaign. The red white and blue patriotic palette was employs to utilize the colors. Using beige for white, a pastel blue, and lots of red. Red? "People are freaked by red," perhaps flashing on socialist constructivist propaganda? Let's not let the Soviets steal our red. Red is a good primary color. Lettering position at the bottom is exchangeable, depending on the graphic place the text will be use to identify the art.

So, take some time and enjoy this collection and see what you think, I will find more as this is not all that there are. If you have a personalized idea let me know and I can definitely add your portraits to the art and even put your name on the bottom lettering. Thanks.

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