Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nickeled and Dimed your father to death T-shirt

This is a great time to talked about Father's day. Those kids sometime they do nickeled and dimmed you to death. What a great sense of humor with this t-shirt showing people how you feel this father's day.

So wear this t-shirt when you are out for a walk, going out the the local pub and maybe wear it around the house. It tells others that you have a sense of humor and that if you can't beat them wear your thoughts on your body. Makes a great father's day gift or get it before father's day and wear it till then.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Stressed spelled backward is Desserts T- Shirt

If you are looking for THE dessert for those stressful times, try going out and order the best chocolate chip cookie dessert! They served it in an iron skillet hot to your table with ice cream on top!!! YUM! But don't forget to put on your t-shirt to be displayed to everyone you're a stressed and desserts at the same time.

Wear this t-shirt to go out on a town. Go somewhere that have your best desserts and order one of them to relieve your stressed. This t-shirt tells everyone that you are stressed, oh wait you're not stressed you just wanted a desserts lol!.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle t-shirt

The recycling of aluminum and steel cans, cardboard, glass, newspapers and certain plastics is a growing industry nation wide. Many businesses are using recyclables collected by the state's recycling programs to make new products like glass containers, office paper, laundry detergent bottles, steel framing, roofing, and pipes; steel sheet for cars and cans, and much more. Recyclables kept separate from household waste are collected at recycling programs. Collected materials are further sorted and processed for sale to manufacturers all over the states.

Enough about recycling let's be one with nature and show it by wearing this t-shirt. If you'd like to help us recycle all that crap and show that you care we'd sure appreciated it. This shirt tells the world you are awesome and someone to look up to. Wear this t-shirt to school, work, and social outing. It will make you feel good.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinosaurs are people too T-shirt

My son loves dinosaurs and this t-shirt is his favorite. He saw it and the expression on his face was priceless. Children are fascinated by dinosaurs and this t-shirt will let them show everyone just how much. There are many movies about dinosaurs maybe that's how kids get hooked. Not only it is in the movies they are also shows on National geographic channels. Other Dino films like "Jurassic Park" wasn't the first movie about dinosaurs, however. 'One Million Years BC', made as early as 1940 in Hollywood, showed paper mach dinosaurs!Similarly, 'Dinosaurs' is not Disney's first film about the creatures. Its 'Baby…Secret of the Lost Legend', was a film made in 1985 about the discovery of a baby dinosaur. Spielberg reworked the theme and made the dinosaur theme a big hit.

This t-shirt is good to wear to school, family gathering, park, playground and many other places like shopping. This t-shirt tells everyone your kids love dinosaurs and his toys consists of dinosaurs collections. Grab this t-shirt for your toddler and have them wear it tell their heart content.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will run for beer t-shirt

This is actually an event that is held on the East coast something like a 5k run. Here is an insert of the article I saw.

This is it folks, the Title Race for the “Will Run for Beer” Race Series. The Smuttynose “Will Run for Beer” 5K will be a terrific wrap-up to this outstanding series on the New England coast. This is the second annual “Will Run for Beer” event running in Newmarket, New Hampshire. The new course will start and finish right on Main Street in the village of Newmarket, just south of the LOCO Running headquarters and outlet.

Here is a t-shirt that will be part of this great 5k run. Wear this t-shirt if you are going to work out, shipping, or actually running the event. This t-shirt tells everyone you support the charity and that perhaps you yourself ran the event. Imagine that! Pretty cool t-shirt to showcase yourself.