Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meet The Ass Family - T-shirt

I think I’m related to these people. There was this catalog -- The Dysfunctional. I thought my family wrote the book! Funny and the image says it all. Reminds me of dear old Uncle Punk he took on his wife's name, so now he's Punk Ass-Bitch. Uncle Punk still drops in -- especially on meatloaf day. Did we left off one... cousin HORSE'S, cousin Horsey! We seldom speak of him. We used to wonder about aunt Kick a lot, but later learned that she and hubby, sore moved to Australia. My cat is the family lazy ass.

This is a great t-shirt for that perfect family gathering or a family reunion. This t-shirt tell everyone that you are somehow could related to the Ass Family. Wear this t-shirt proudly and to start a conversation at the party, school, social gathering or any place you feel comfortable.

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