Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sometimes too much to drink isn't enough t-shirt

When is it enough to drink? Sometime too much to drink isn't enough. Either way you and only yourself will be responsible for your on level of drinking. There have been an incidence where drinking too little just makes one tired. Then when you drink a lot you kick yourself in the butt the next day asking the same questions "why the heck did I drank so much last night". It never fail as a college student in my prime, this is so much of the norm that I think the body and your system are so accustom to these behavior that sometime too much to drink isn't enough because you don't feel the buzz so what do you do? You keep drinking and drinking until you are so over the limit and thus pay for it the next morning.

This is exactly the t-shirt you need to have if you're going to attend any party or have it on as a conversation starter. This t-shirt will tell everyone that you are a party animal and that you will have fun tonight. Cheers!!

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