Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What would MacGyver do? T-shirt

Useless. No, worse - shameful. This t-shirt has NOTHING to do with MacGyver - it's a collection of lame humors of "oh shit" by the Ottster's T-shirt Design. Okay, maybe MacGyver got a little something to do with it (hey, you're in crisis here). But he'd blush at the question if it was asked to him, who can't figured out how to keep this from happening? Don't waste your time, a Scout manual has more MacGyver in it, thus poses the question what would you do?

This t-shirt tell everyone you are a quick learner and think outside of the box in a stressful situation. Wear this t-shirt to a party, a social gathering of friends and family where it will be a conversation starter piece. Good luck and may your wisdom comes to play with this t-shirt.

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