Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will run for chocolate T-shirt

So why do you run? Do you consider yourself a runner? I have always thought that the title applied to other people. (You know, those "crazy" ones who did the 50 mile runs.) But now I realize that even those of us that do the 3 mile runs or 1 mile runs should hold our heads up high. Running is hard. Running can suck. But running can also set you free and give you confidence in your own abilities. (Not to mention keep off the added pounds from the entire tray of nachos with extra cheese you just ate.) I run to keep sane. I run to get rid of my stress. I run so I won't go postal on my children. A big part of why I do it is so I can be a good role model for my kids. (It all comes back to the kids doesn't it?) But mostly I run for chocolate and wine. Hey, I've got priorities.

In that case don't forget the t-shirt that go along with your jogging and running. This shirt tells the world that you are a runner not for any causes just for yourself and especially for chocolate. You can also wear this t-shirt to any sporting events, social outing, or to class it simply shows that you are an athletics.

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