Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gaming Power Button T-shirt

Clap on..Clap off..oh wait this isn't the clapper, it's the official Gaming Power Button T-shirt! Look at it how can you clap when the green button is right in front of you? It doesn't matter if you're a gamer or just an average Joe using the computer or playing a game. There will always be the on and off button. If you give it a twist this can actually be interpreted differently. Will you turn me on I'm sort of sluggish today. Or don't push my button today isn't my day or even be what you want it to be. Of course this depend on your personality. A fun unique ways to display your thoughts.

Wear this t-shirt to a night club, to class, or just going shopping where there are lots of people to show off your new apparel. This t-shirt tells everyone that you are a fun person, you have a way to be turn on or turn off simply push the button or just have fun with it. A great t-shirt to starts a conversation and chat all day.

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