Saturday, January 16, 2010

will run for wine t-shirt

Would it be nice to run at your own pace and then socialize over a pint? This will entice people to get off the couch and do some actual exercise. I heard once that after you have something to drink you do better at the work out and in this case running. There should be a group of people who is health conscious and want to run in a casual relaxed atmosphere, non-competitive and afterward socialize over a glass of wine. The organizer should meet at the established location and run your route for at least 30 minutes continuously and the time will vary depending on the fitness level of your group. Then meet back up at the established location for the social gathering. Of course a small fees should be collected to funds group rehydration! All in the group should have a similar t-shirt expressing their will to run for wine. Sounds good? Create your group today and come back to order your t-shirt.

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